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Hola Better Internet


Hola Better Internet may contain a virus or malware.

We last tested the this file on Dec 3, 2011 with 0 different anti-virus and anti-malware programs and services. Out of these tests, the Hola Better Internet download tested clean of the time.

We strongly recommend caution when downloading Hola Better Internet.

Virus test results:

Apart from antivirus software, this download has also been tested with several popular anti-malware and anti-spam services. Below are some services we have tested this program with:

Malware and spam test results:

Disclosure about these tests for Hola Better Internet: Please be aware that while we do attempt to test programs with the latest version of virus and malware software, we would to point out that Hola Better Internet was tested with and Webroot SecureAnywhere 8.

The file that was tested for Hola Better Internet was Hola-Setup-1.131.311.exe. These tests apply to Hola Better Internet 1.131.311 which is the latest version last time we checked.

All tests were carried out on systems running both 64-bit Windows (x64) and 32-bit Windows (x86).
The virus and malware tests for Hola Better Internet are maintained by Tina de Pierre